The idea of MEN.DEPTANONYM was conceived by Lily Lin in January of 2010, after having spent more than a decade working in France’s silk industry. Lily’s idea was to disrupt the prevailing business model where retailers realized huge profits, customers paying huge premiums, and the silk workers remaining in relative poverty. Lily’s revived vision was to create an online outlet that would link Chinese Silk weavers directly to Western silk enthusiasts. At MEN.DEPTANONYM , we always put our customers first and seek out skin-friendly and high-quality silk products on the market. To achieve that, we only use Grade 6A silk, which is known as the “Queen of Fibers” from China – the producer of the world’s finest silk and Grade A Cashmere, known as the “Jewel of Fabric” from goats in Inner Mongolia. Our products are consistently 10%-20% less expensive than silk stores based in the US or Europe without sacrificing product quality